Partyanimalonline’s New Shop Goes Live

At long last the day is here!

We finally are ready to go live with the shop… well I say ready there is still loads to do! We have got a lot of product up there but we still have more to come and hopefully over the next couple of weeks we will have caught up with our inventory to date although this shop is hopefully going to carry a load more cake decorating and Sugarcraft goodies than either ebay or

After the last test we were given brilliant feedback from our Facebook fans and have gone away with that in mind and tried to iron out the glitches. Of course I am sure that there will still be some annoying ones left but many have been sorted.

Unfortunately one of the ones that was particularly noted was the fact that as a female you could only put Ms and not Miss or Mrs! Unfortunately as the programme stands you can only have one male and one female salutation…stupid eh! Anyway although it’s not an easy fix I will be looking into it in the coming weeks as I agree that it isn’t great but until then I’m afraid Ms will have to do for the moment.

We hopefully have now sorted out the missing counties although if you find yours is not there let us know!

On the design side everyone was pretty nice! Though the category buttons have been altered (and I have ideas for doing them a bit better in the future!), some of the categories have been changed to make navigation a bit easier, and more products have been put on each page so that you don’t have to change pages so often – that is a bit of balancing act because it does mean that each page is slightly slower to load .. let me know what you think…more products or faster loading!

So we will be open from 12 noon today and as a start we are giving 10% off everything in the shop during the first week.

Any comments will be gratefully received as we would like this to be a shop that is a pleasure to use not a chore as many websites are!

Contact us either through our Facebook Page, comments on here, or of course email us, and let us know your thoughts on the shop and what things you would like to see added to the catalogue.


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