Patchwork Cutters

I have just finished adding the full range of Patchwork Cutters to the online store.

I just love these cutters! What a range! Once you have the knack of using them Patchwork Cutters are brilliant for all types of cakes.

The main trick is to get the thickness of your paste right. I would always recommend using Mexican paste for cutting the smaller shapes as this is not sticky and rolls out very finely. If you very lightly grease your board with white fat – I use Trex but you can get other brands such as White Flora – wipe off any excess with a kitchen towel and then roll out your paste finely. Use a very little fat to grease your cutter (hardly anything!) and then press it onto the paste and cut firmly. If you do not want the cutter to cut into sections just press around the outside and leave the inside cuts to just emboss. Remove excess paste from around the cutter and then lift of the Patchwork Cutter leaving your shape on the board. The fat on the board should hold it nicely in place. Let it firm up for a few minutes and then gently lift with a palette knife and position on your cake.

To make a free standing decoration do the same but place your lifted shape onto a flat piece of foam or similar and leave to dry.

For making the decoupage style roll out the paste in the desired colour and then cut as before but this time press firmly in the centre of the cutter to separate the different sections. By rolling different colours and building up the shape you will get a lovely 3D effect. I would recommend that you use a full cut shape first and then build up layers of colour onto that. This will make it easier to keep all sections in the right place and make the motif easier to lift when complete.

If you want more detail of how to use these cutters we have an instruction leaflet that you can download or check out our YouTube videos to see exactly how it’s done!



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