How to use Tappits

‘Tappits’ are a range of cutters by sugarcraft supplier FMM that enable you to quickly and easily cut out letters and numbers in different font styles and also a large range of decorative shapes which are great for personalising Wedding and Birthday cakes.

Tappits come in a strip with between  about 4 and 8 cutters on each strip depending which ones you get. The name relates to the action of ‘Tapping’ to release your shape from inside the cutter. They are very robust and flexible, so they can take a firm tap or two!

There are many pastes you can use with Tappits – but try to avoid anything too soft or slow to dry (such as fondant) as you will find it gets stuck in the cutter and can stretch too much if handled when not quite dry. Using sugarpaste/gumpaste is fine but is much better when mixed with a little Gum Tragacanth to toughen it up.

The very best paste to use – which requires no additional ingredients or special treatment – is Mexican Modelling Paste (MMP). You can make this up yourself, or buy it ready-made in a range of colours from our Online Shop.

For this How-To, you will need the following;

  • Mexican Paste in your chosen colour
  • Non-Stick board
  • Small non-stick rolling pin
  • Tappit set of your choice
  • TREX – White Vegetable Fat
  • Pasta machine (optional)

Get a small blob of TREX on your fingers and rub over your Non-stick board and hands. Wipe off any excess with a piece of kitchen roll.

Roll out your paste quite thinly – if you have a pasta machine you can run it through there on the following settings;

  • For Tappit Alphabet Letters and Numbers (available in Funky, Block or Script font)- Setting  5
  • For Tappit Decorative shapes-Setting 4 – (this is because the range of decorative shapes will cut around the edge and emboss a design in the middle, so it helps if the paste is slightly thicker!)

A pasta machine is great to use as it gives your whole piece of paste the same thickness. If you are using a rolling pin, it may require a small amount of trial and error to get exactly the right thickness, but once you’ve cracked it you won’t lose it!

Once your paste is rolled, position your cutter and press down firmly, then move the whole thing in circular motion – still pressing down firmly. This will ensure the cutter cuts right through the paste.

Pick up your cutter, if your shape remains on your board that’s great! Most of the time the shape will still be in the cutter so have a look at the shape and then run your finger around the shape whilst it is still in the cutter to ensure it has cut out any small parts – such as the centre of your letter ‘P’ for example.

Firmly tap the cutter onto your board – your shape will drop out onto the board (although we have had a few wayward letters sail across the room more than once!)

Leave your shape somewhere safe to dry – such as a foam pad. Be careful lifting the shape before it has dried, use a palette knife!

When your shape(s) are dry, you can fix them onto a cake using icing or Edible Glue or pop them onto the buttercream as an edible cupcake topper! You can then add the Tappits to your cake-decorating essentials!


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