Free Sugarflair Colour Chart

Sugarflair paste coloursWe sell a huge amount of Sugarflair edible Spectral paste colours and one thing that we are often asked is if we have a colour chart to show the different shades that can be made using these colours.

We have now produced a chart showing all 36 of paste colours available in the Sugarflair range including the 6 new colours recently released.

Each colour is illustrated with 3 stars which show a pale tint, a mid shade and the deepest tone that you can generally expect from that colour.

As computer screens and printers vary the colours may vary slightly but we have found that this gives a good guide as to the reletive colours you can expect to get when using each pot of gel colour.

And best of all…it’s free to download or print!

Simply go to our website or online shop and click on the link and you can get your own copy of the chart so that you can decide which colour is best for you.


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