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Partyanimalonline on Google+

There is a buzz of excitement here at PartyAnimalOnline as we are now on Google Plus!
G+ is not just another social media site, but pulls together great aspects from Facebook (you can add your friends) and Twitter (you can follow your heroes – I am following Richard Branson, who is really the most down-to-earth decent guy ever!).
It also connects to almost everything you do on the web – where would we be without Google Search? or Google Chrome? Maps? Translate? and so on 🙂 Google also have the Google Play store on Android which of course allows users to download content on their mobile phones.

We are ‘newbies’ on it at the moment so, if you are on it, have a search for us (PartyAnimalOnline) and add us to your circle, this way you can be first to know when we have new offers – we will even have offers exclusive to G+ which will be, of course, for new customers – but also excitingly, rewarding our returning loyal customers as well – we wouldn’t be anywhere without you 🙂

If you haven’t seen or heard of Google Plus, ‘google’ it and have a little nosey – it really is tipped to be the next BIG thing!

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