The eagle has landed!

You can now access ALL of our services from one handy website – simply head to and check out our all new LANDING page.
From here you can visit our online shop, where you can get the cheapest prices and the most quality products around! Leave us a product review here to share your product experiences (good or bad!!) with other cake decorators 🙂



Visit our eBay shop – where we are top-rated sellers with astonishing customer service skills (if I do say so myself 😉 and 100% feedback!



Visit our Facebook page which has a community of over 4,000 cake decorators on it! Share photos, or if you need a bit of inspiration, you can have a look at other great cakes from around the world. Facebook also hosts lively cakey discussions!



From our landing page you can also check out our Twitter page – this is also a great way to have a LiveChat with us – during office hours, we will be contactable on Twitter and we can solve your problems or advise you as best we can 🙂

You can also access all of our Free PDF Downloads! Our Sugarflair colour chart, recipes and tutorials are all available on this new landing page for quick easy downloads that you can print off at home for FREE! More will be uploaded regularly so don’t stop at one download! 

gplusWe also have a link to Google+ which is the youngest of our ‘social media babies’ – we are learning all about it, and currently have 15 of our lovely fans in our circle – which means they have a much higher chance of winning our 1st Google+ competition when that is hosted! 



youtubeWe also have links to recipes and tutorials – including video tutorials which we host on our YouTube channel 🙂


You can also access our blog from there, which will of course, bring you back here!

Feel free to have a look around our new page to help you to get the most out of all the wonderful services we have to offer our Cake-Dec buddies 🙂

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