Enough for everyone?

£34 Million pounds of cake!!
£34 Million pounds of cake!!

This week saw the unveiling of ‘The World’s Most Expensive Wedding Cake’, made by Cake UK Ltd for the National Gay Wedding Show held in Liverpool on the 3rd March, which extends the trend for bridal excess within cake decorating and baking circles.
This cake is valued at a whopping £34 million and is covered with over 4000 diamonds, as well as 8 tiers of cake and sugarcraft icing detail.
To put that into perspective – the average cost of a UK wedding cake is £300, which is approximately 1.1% of the UK average annual salary of £26,500. If this wedding cake cost you 1.1% of your yearly salary, you would be earning around £3 billion four hundred million a year!


Would you spend that much on a cake? If you had that much money what would you buy?

Here is my ultimate list;
Swanky house – with swimming pool and acres of land 🙂
Audi A1 in sky blue – I’m not greedy 🙂
An amazing round-the-world holiday – to EVERY COUNTRY 🙂
My son wants an iPad – I could buy him an iPad factory 🙂
I’d go on a crazy shopping spree 🙂
I would give to loads of charities 🙂
Everyone I know would have whatever they wanted too 🙂

What would be on your list?

I start to run out of ideas about here, as there is only so much stuff you can buy…
There are always lots of ‘luxury’ items available that you could waste your money on – things that cost ridiculous amounts of money, such as a shirt made from 22 karat gold which would set you back a mere $253, 000 or a £700,000 iPad Mini cover!


Interestingly though , the market for high-end, branded ‘luxury’ items has registered double digit growth every year since the current financial crisis hit us – and public spending has decreased dramatically included unemployment for some and cuts in pay or hours for others 🙁
At a time when everyone has to tighten their belts, the super-rich billionaires have upped their spending.

Starving-ChildBut on more serious note, how can anyone justify that much excess when there is still so much poverty and hunger in the world? The cost to feed every malnourished person alive in the world today would be approx $21.3 million dollars (or just under half of the Most Expensive Cake in the World)

Some might say that they have earned their money and they deserve to spend it however they desire – at this point I should mention that whilst the UK pays out £150.1 billion pounds in State Benefits each year the amount of global wealth that is held in offshore bank accounts, and therefore not subject to paying tax is a ma-hoosive $32 TRILLION DOLLARS aka one quarter of all the worlds wealth! Who has earned it now?

gandhiSo while it is an interesting cake and undoubtedly attracts an awful lot of attention for all involved, it ultimately stands as a testament to an inhumane world, where some struggle to get through every hour of every day – and others eat cakes covered in expensive jewellery.
I’ll finish with a kick-ass quote from Gandhi, which sums this up for me;
“Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s need, but not every man’s greed”

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