New Patchwork Cutters Stencil and Cutter Sets

I love these stencil and cutter sets from Marion Frost at Patchwork Cutters. They are so versatile as you can use both together or the cutter and stencil separately to get lots of different effects.



I have just added three new of stencils sets to our range of Patchwork Cutters- the daisy, the teddy, and my favourite… the heart with the ‘with love’ inscription – so useful!

Hints for Use

For best results, lightly grease your non-stick board and cutter ( TREX is better than specialist sprays – and much cheaper!)

Roll out your paste very thinly. We recommend Mexican Modelling Paste (MMP) if you want the stencil to dry hard, or if placing on the top of a cake, a 50:50 mix of MMP and sugarpaste gives a paste with better eating quality.

Patchwork Cutters Stencil - DaisyI find that for a really sharp stencil when using powder colour it is better to use the underside of your paste as the fat will hold the powder in place without smudging. Place the stencil under your paste and lightly roll the back – this will make the stencil stand slightly proud of the rest of the paste (to the thickness of the stencil). If you intend to cut out the stencil with the cutter make sure you place the stencil the right way up!

Turn over the paste with the stencil attached and brush your colour over the stencil – changing colour to suit. Work each colour into the icing to prevent loose colour laying on the surface. Carefully peel back the stencil. The Sugarflair lustre colours look absolutely fabulous for this though you can also use other powder colours.

Cut out your shape using the cutter provided.

You can, of course, also use the stencil as any other by holding against cake or cupcake surfaces and colouring with powder, gel/ paste or liquid colours – or even an airbrush.

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