Wake Cakes- new craze or just crazy?!

Following from a number of people requiring Lustre colours for cakes for funerals/ wakes, this raised some questions as to whether ‘wake cakes’ are the new phenomena to help celebrate the lives of the deceased?

Upon further research I came across this post on Good Funeral Guide  which states that cakes for wakes are big news in some parts of East Anglia and the Midlands. They present a set of cupcakes for a wake which can be viewed as being kept as a ‘souvenir’ or reminder of the day/ life of the deceased.

Funeral Cupcakes

Further research lead me to find that there are some funeral homes, that offer a cake to the friends/ family of the deceased, to some this may be a welcome distraction from events, however others may see this as insensitive. What would your feelings be on this? A welcome distraction or insensitive?

However there are some cakes which are a little forthright for a funeral/ wake


So what are your ideas on wake cakes? Can you see them being an essential part of a wake, or are they a little too insensitive?

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