Super White Buttercream

How do you get white buttercream?? Well we’re going to help you achieve a lighter coloured buttercream or even white buttercream!

To go with a certain colour scheme such as cooler colourings you may be required to produce a brighter, lighter buttercream. Here’s the tips on how.

Use a light coloured butter like lurpak unsalted. This makes all the difference when producing a white frosting and means you don’t need to add as much food colouring.Whisk buttercream until light

Super White Buttercream Recipe
Covers 12 in a generous swirl.
500g icing sugar – silver spoon or a similar manufacturer.
250g of pale butter such a lurpak unsalted
1tsp of vanilla essence
A splash of milk
1 tsp of Sugarflair Superwhite

Cream your butter and icing sugar together, start off with a wooden spoon (otherwise you’ll be covered in white dust!) add vanilla essence and a splash of milk and whisk until light and fluffy. Add your teaspoon of Sugarflair superwhite to the frosting to produce a lovely bright white finish!

To produce white buttercream here's our secret
To produce white buttercream here’s our secretto create a bright white buttercream.

Add a drop more of milk if the mix is too stiff or add more icing sugar if it’s too soft. Cool in the fridge before begging the icing up and piping with it.

Simple as that!



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