Easter Chick Cupcake Topper Tutorial

This is an easy little topper to make your Easter Cupcakes look super sweet!

Here’s what you’ll need.

Sugarpaste 500g
Yellow & Red food colouring. 
A couple of cocktail sticks
A sharp small kitchen knife
An edible food pen.
A small pot of edible glue.
Flower veiner tool
Sugarflair melon yellow food colouring.
Sugarflair melon yellow food colouring.

Mix the yellow food colouring in to the sugarpaste, use a clean cocktail stick to add colour to stop contaminants getting in to your food colouring. We recommend Sugarflair – it’s highly concentrated so a very little goes a long way, it has very long best before dates & it’s a paste so you avoid overly sticky sugarpaste. If you are naturally hot handed like myself, you’ll really appreciate a less sticky sugarpaste when modelling.

Roll 12 even balls of sugarpaste after kneading well to prevent cracks. If you want something to measure the size to ensure they are all even I recommend the Celcakes Size Guide – it’s great for all sorts of figure modelling and allows you to get an even distribution of sugarpaste. Alternatively you can weigh each ball to get an even weight.

Easter Chick Body
Easter Chick Body

Once you’ve made the little ball slightly cut in to top of each one, about half way through and peel it back to create your quiff shape for his little cute hairstyle. Then do the same with the arms either side but there’s no need to peel these back as much, you can then add detail with your flower veiner, slightly imprinting the tips and creating a feathered look.

You now have your outline for the little chick.

Add a dab of red food colouring to the left-over yellow to create a bright orange. I found the primary set from Sugarflair got me started quite nicely and it’s amazing just how many colours you can make with the three primaries! Easter Chick Cupcake Topper

Once you’ve mixed the colour make two tiny circle for the feet and flatten them slightly with your thumb and finger, add a tiny bit of edible glue to the bottom and stick them underneath your chick. Make a cone with a separate bit and carefully cut two thirds down with a knife creating a beak. Place in the centre of your chick and stick with a small amount of edible glue.

Lastly take your edible pen and draw two little dots on for the eyes and that’s it! An easy Easter Chick topper!

You can have loads of fun drawing on the eyes – making them look angry, bossy, elated or just plain circles. Sugarcraft for beginners, Intermediate and Expert!

Have fun making your army of chicks!

Easy easter chick cupcake topper tutorial. Including what you will need.
Easy easter chick cupcake topper tutorial. Including what you will need.

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