I can see a Rainbow – Rainbow Cake Cupcake Recipe

We love Rainbow Cake Cupcakes here at PartyAnimalOnline!

Rainbows are aesthetically pleasing as well as having the ability to take you back to your childhood with giddiness!  They are fun to make, fun to bake and even fun to eat! It’s amazing how a simple vanilla sponge recipe can be turned in to something magical with a small amount of vibrant food colouring!

The surprise inside!

Where did Rainbow Cake come from? – There’s very little information on the origin of Rainbow Cake and although I remember Rainbow Cake becoming increasingly popular a few years ago, from what I can gather, Rainbow cake first rose to glory through the internet world in 2009 by a lady who posted from the USA and it seemed to grow increasingly popular from there. It’s a bit of a mystery when it was first created and no one holds credit for it but it has definitely brightened a lot of Birthday cakes worldwide!

Fancy giving it a go?

Rainbow Cake Recipe for cupcakes & equipment

Separate your mix into 6 bowls.
Separate your mix into 6 bowls.

Once you have mixed you vanilla sponge cupcake mix, split the mix evenly into 6 bowls. With your Rainbow set Sugarflair pastes add a small amount of colour with the cocktail stick / teaspoon, ensure using separate cocktail sticks for each colour, this will stop cross contamination of colour.

Top Tip: Sugarflair is highly concentrated so a little will go a loooong way. Be sure not to get any cake mix in to the colouring, this can cause food colouring to be contaminated and therefore reduce it’s best before date.

Pre-heat your over to the temperature required and set up your 12 cupcake cases in the tray, the next part is time consuming but it’s so satisfying seeing the results. Start with red on the base and using a very small amount for each colour slowly layer the raw coloured mix in.

To create a lovely rainbow I use Red, Tangerine, Melon Yellow, Party Green, Ice Blue and then Grape Violet at the top.

Top Tip – Put each of the different coloured mix in 6 disposable piping bags, piping the mix in the cupcakes is much easier for control, quantities, efficiency and stopping batter dripping around the edges of your cupcake cases.
Make a Rainbow in all your desserts!
Make a Rainbow in all your desserts!

Place in the oven and wait patiently! You’ll be in for a lovely surprise when they’re cooked and so will your friends and family!

Rainbow Cake has become increasing popular and you can now make Rainbow everything! If you fancy it, why not try making rainbow cake-pops, rainbow jellies or even rainbow biscuits!

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