Lemon Cupcake Recipe

Lemon Cupcake Recipe

Preperation time – 20 minutes
Approximate cooking time – 15-20 minutes.  
Oven Temp – 150c fan assisted or 170 for non fan ovens.
3 medium eggs
175g softened butter or margarine.
175g soft brown caster sugar
190g of self raisinf flour
2tsp of vanilla essence or extract
1 tsp of glycerine
A splash of milk
1 whole lemon
The method.
Cupcakes Supplies are available in our online store.
Cupcakes Supplies are available in our online store.

I’m a bit overly obsessed with being tidy in the kitchen but I really do find it makes for a less stressful baking session. You can have all your ingredients at your finger tips, easy to access. If I don’t do this, more ingredients end up on me and the work surfaces than in the bowl!

I break the eggs in to a separate bowl (It’s much easier to fish out egg shell from a single bowl than a whole mix!), add the vanilla essence and the glycerine and beat until mixed thoroughly.
Grate your whole lemon rind and squeeze half of the lemon for juice, add this to a little pot of it’s own. Lemon can partially cook eggs due to the chemical reaction it has with them so I find adding it at the end the best.
I weigh the flour in to it’s own bowl and weigh the butter & sugar in to a bowl of their own. You should therefore have four bowls – It’s not that much harder on the washing up, especially if you have a dishwasher!
Beat the butter and sugar together until light and fluffy, add the egg mix a bit at a time and continue mixing. If the mix starts to congeal just add a sprinkle of your flour and continue mixing. Once the egg mix, butter & sugar is fully mixed, sieve your remaining flour in to the bowl and mix well until smooth and light. Add your lemon & lemon rind and mix well – I find a splash of milk helps with the consistency if needed.
When all ingredients are mixed, spoon in to your 12 cupcake cases, the cases should be filled three quarters full, the oven temperature needs to be low 150c to give a nice flat topped finish (this makes them easier to decorate).
How to check your cupcakes are ready – Put a cocktail stick in them, if no mix sticks to it, you’re ready to take them out!

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