Making sugar flowers for cupcake toppers

Sugarcraft Flower Cupcake Toppers

1 pack 250g Renshaws Modelling Pastemaking flower cupcake toppers
1 x Daisy Centre Stamps
1 x PME Sunflower plunger cutters (3 size set)
1 x Ball tool
Yellow blossom dust
Brown blossom dust
Orange blossom dust
1 x Edible Glue
Celcakes Flower Formers
Calcakes Modelling pad
Non- stick board
6″ rolling pin
Although there is a lot of equipment needed, you can use this over and over again on so many different designs, making it well worth spending that little extra on the equipment. If you are already doing a bit of Sugarcraft you will probably find that you have most of this equipment in stock apart from Daisy stamps & Sunflower plungers.
Top Tip: When buying Plunger cutters, be aware of the cheap copies, they may be half the price but there is a reason for that. PME plungers last for years and years where as on trying the cheap copies we have found that they can break in as little as two goes. If it’s just a one off and you know you’ll never use them again they may be a good alternative to the more expensive PME professional ones.
Start by kneading your modelling paste well, this will stop it from cracking when modelling with it. (You can also use Flower paste which tends to be a little firmer if preferred). Roll thin approximately 1mm or thinner if possible. Use a palette knife to ensure your paste doesn’t stick to the board and then press down with the plunger cutters to cut your shape. Transfer to the pad and plunger down when pushing out (this will imprint your paste lightly too).
Next using your ball too, rub from the centre to the tip of the petal, this will help thin the petals creating a realistic finish as well as curving the tips. I find cutting 12 of the larger and doing this process all at once and then repeating it with the smaller size so you can create a decoupage type effect for your sugarcraft flower.
Colouring the Flowers.
I dusted mine in a pale yellow and then used the orange closer to the centre to create depth. Use a dry brush and some blossom powder, I personally prefer Sugarflair but there’s loads of other brands you can try.image2
The Daisy centre stamps are really easy to use, you just need to roll a small ball and press it in to the centre stamp to create the marking effect. Dust the centre with a touch of brown and then you’ve got everything to put your flowers together.
Top Tip: Work fast to stop your paste drying before you want it to, I find modelling paste better because it takes longer to dry it gives you more chance to fiddle around a bit before it’s set in stone.
Assembling your flower
image6Use your edible glue, a small dab will do! The bottom layer should be the large flower, add a tiny blob of edible glue to the centre and then attach the smaller flower, again add another touch of edible glue and add the centre. Simply leave overnight to dry in your flower formers.
By the morning the flowers will be firm and ready to add to your cupcakes!
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