Nude but not rude!!

There is nothing quite as nice as getting a lovely bit of cake through the post! So when I received an email from Ed at Nude Cakes asking if I would like to sample some- there was no way I was turning this opportunity down!

I did have to clear something up with Ed about the name Nude Cakes, there was many thoughts running through our heads about why the name Nude Cakes?!

– Was it because they are not covered?

– Because they are totally naked of all additives and free of Genetically Modified (GM) Ingredients?

-Or because they baked them wearing just an apron? 😀

Well according to Ed, “In answer to your question, we called ourselves Nude Cakes because the cakes are not decorated and because they’re all natural… I’m not going to reveal if we bake them wearing only aprons! Haha.”

You can rest assured though that they do bake them wearing clothes and aprons!!

The cakes are suitable for vegetarians and they have a 9 month storage time- so perfect for people like me who like to be organised for Christmas and special occasions. There is aNude_Cakes_Photo little sherry in the cakes, so you can add brandy to your cake if you wish to. The cakes come square or round shape and in a variety of sizes from 4″ – 14″. You can also request a cake that has been matured already for any of those last minute orders that I know many of us get!

They currently offer free delivery on orders over £50.00

So now to the taste test- the cake arrived beautifully packaged and well wrapped. I am not normally a fan of fruit cake sometimes I think it is rather ‘claggy’. However upon tasting the cake I was very much a convert! The cake was packed with fruit and was still very moist- I think this may be to do with the Turkish Sultanas that they use and the blending of black treacle and molasses which I am informed it what gives it the rich dark colouring. I think the dark colouring did tempt me to try it.

The only negative I can say is that it may be difficult to try and tempt people to convert to fruit cake- but if they don’t then it means more for you! The cake also is not suitable for vegans but is suitable for vegetarians.

The verdict on the whole of Nude Cakes, is that that they do provide a fast and efficient service, the cake is packed with fruit and still remains very moist and rich without being stodgy. They have the availabilty to track your order on their webpage and to keep the kids amused they also have a virtual game on how to make a fruit cake (or adults- like myself whom of course,for research purposes, had to play)

If you manage to decorate your Nude Cake before eating (unlike me!) we have everything that you need to get you started;

Marzipan,  White Icing,  Smoothers Cake Boards

We even have tutorials on How to marzipan a fruit cake and How to cover a cake with Sugarpaste

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