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Good morning to all our lovely cake decorating friends, I’m in a better mood than I should be and I think it’s mainly thanks to that beautiful sunshine bouncing in from outside making me realise that this country does have a Summer after all!


20ProgressSnapshotOperation Snapshot, you ask?… This all came about thanks to eBay’s new policy changes on picture standards. Those unlucky ones that have shops on eBay have the laborious task of ensuring all pictures new and old fit in with eBay’s new standard. Here’s some examples.

– No borders, no matter how thin, with or without writing. Just simply NON.
– No writing: a watermark can be used but should not take up more than 5% of the overall image.
– They must not include any items that you are not selling in the picture.
– All pictures must be at least 500 pixels at the longest side.

Absolute madness! – The worst of it is, ours conform to everything except we have a small border around most of our pictures that must be removed! We also have the odd picture with lettering on it rather than water marks.

On the bright side, it will give us chance to standardise all our pictures and bring together a better buying experience for our customers. Ebay have also done a guide on Top Tips For Great Photo’s.

Keep looking out for our watermark when buying, if the picture has Party Animal on it then you know you’re buying from your known and loved supplier. We work hard to keep our feedback at 100% and give the very best standards of customer service!

We have until the 1st September and over 1600 products to snap new photo’s of! Wish us luck!

For more about aBay regulations..

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