Are you going dotty for a Press-Ice?

There is nothing more time consuming than using a ruler and marking or making a template to get perfectly straight and measured dot impressions!  That is why, like so many others it was a huge sigh of relief when the FMM Press Ice was released. There are currently four of the Press-Ice tools available; Ribbon One, Ribbon Two, Polka One and Polka Two.


History of Press-Ice

The inspiration and inventor of the Press-Ice was Lesley Bassett from Icing House and FMM are now the manufacturer of the Patent Pending Product.


How do I use it?

Using a Press-Ice is so simple, there are even instructions on the back and handy little hints such as; “To create a clear impression, Sugarpaste (rolled fondant) must be soft.”

The product also suggests to start at the back of the cake and finish there as well, this will make any join marks to be hidden away for a flawless cake.

Simply press the Press-Ice onto the cake, using an even pressure along the tool you can then remove the tool, continue around the cake.

Fan Pictures

There are many fans of both PartyAnimalOnline and Press-Ice Tools

Gill from Gill’s Cupcakes had made a cute little cake using the FMM Polka One.


Nicki from Baking & Decorating by Nicki has also used the Polka One Press-Ice for an all over cake use.


Michele from Sugar’s Creations has also made this great birthday cake using the Ribbon Two Press-Ice


Finally Jodie from Jodielicious Cakes  has created this really cute birthday cake using the Polka One Press-Ice


For a handy video on how to use the Press-Ices see this great YouTube Video

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