Win Sugarflair New Pastel Colours

Hi everyone,

Just a quick blog this morning, I wanted to make sure you all had the opportunity to enter our current competition to win the brand new pastel colours by Sugarflair.


Pastel Colours

The new set includes 10 more gorgeous pale pastel shades of food colouring, a great prize! Colours include the following Pastel Magenta,Pastel Rose,Pastel Apple Green, Pastel Aztec Blue,Honey Gold, Aqua, Cherry Red,Apricot, Jade, Kiwi.

Sugarflair colours are a highly concentrated, high quality food colouring. They also have 26 colours in vibrant shades in their spectral range, all of which can be found on our website at Party Animal Online Shop.

Enough about the odds and ends, I’m sure you’re ready here how to enter. I’ll make it as easy as possible and all you’ll have to do is enter here! Our competition is open until 10th July 2013, please get your name in the hat to have the chance to win.

Good luck all you lovely cake decorators, cupcake connoisseurs & cake pop geniuses we all deserve something for nothing every now and again!


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