Raising money by recycling

Today’s Blog is a little different than normal, because it is not directly cake related, although as always I do like to look for a cake related to the Blog so keep your eyes peeled for a cake at the end!

I am a sucker for anything remotely animal related, especially related with dogs! When I saw that we could recycle our used Ink Cartridges to help Guide Dogs I was rather excited. Reading up on Guide Dogs I was amazed to find that the Lifetime cost of a Guide Dog is around £50,000!!

This includes;

-£1,900 for breeding

-£5,100 for puppy walking (Oh, how I would love to do this!)

-£15,400 for early training

-£9,300 advanced training

£3,200 partnership training

In the UK to date there are over 4,700 Guide Dog owners which are essential and change so many lives. All statistics taken from the Guide Dog website

As well as dogs, I love a good clear out so when I heard that we could help to raise money for Guide Dogs, I began to collect all our old ink cartridges up! For each inkjet cartridge that is recycled Guide Dogs will receive £1.00 and we go through a lot of cartridges printing  all your orders!Ink done

So we boxed all our cartridges up and packaged them ready to go with our postie, to hopefully help train some lovely Guide Dogs.

If you want to recycle your ink cartridges they are able to send you Freepost bags for you to return with your cartridges in, for more information have a look on the Guide Dog website  Box done

On that note I am off to look at pictures of puppies! If only looking at puppies was as productive as looking at cats is meant to be! I did promise you a cake picture like this one from Truly Scrumptious;

Guide dog cakes

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