A Rainbow….dust…..of new products!

You wanted them….so we listened! We are now stocking The Click-Twist Brush® by Rainbow Dust Colours. Using the great technique of Click-Twist with the metallic food paint from their range, it is perfect for all those fiddly bits!

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They are so simple to use as well, rather than getting your trays, brushes and water out all you need to do is grab your pen from your tool-kit and away you go! You simply twist the cap on the brush till the tip is filled with the paint and you are ready to un-leash your inner artist. Then once you are done you simply wipe the excess paint from the brush and pop back in your kit ready for another day.

The brush is perfect for the really fine detail and the best bit is that when it dries (in around 10-15 minutes) it is dust free and there is no chance of smudging. There is little chance of wastage as well as you are only using the paint you need, rather than washing the rest down the sink when you have finished.

If you are wondering about how long the pen will last Rainbow Dust have done a great little experiment to show how long a pen can last.


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