Do you have left over cake mix? Spare freezer space? We have it covered!

We recently started a discussion on Facebook about things you can freeze from the cakey world to save you time, effort and most of all money!!

We began to investigate, and we shared our ideas on things we had personal experience of freezing such as;

Sugarpaste– this is best done wrapped really in tight cling-film, a freezable bag and then a really airtight container. You can pop this in the fridge for about 3-6 months. You really need to make sure that it is airtight as otherwise it ruins the paste. This is also the same for SFP and Modelling Paste.

You can also store your left over cake cuttings in the freezer to make Cake Pops, again you should store these in a bag in an airtight container. As well as cake cuttings, you can also store the cakes themselves in the freezer, do this before covering and decorating. You need to make sure you wrap it really well, as the less/minimal air that gets in, the less ice crystals form which leads to freezer burn. Your cakes can be stored for up to 6 months and are perfect for those last minute cake orders, or guests!

From experience as well you can also freeze buttercream , as long as you add the milk to it after the buttercream has been defrosted, you can then also add your colour and mix well!

We also Pinned a fantastic use of leftover lemon.

Rainbow Lemon

You can add some food colouring to a bowl and let your lemon/lime soak up the colour and then pop it in the freezer. You can then add a slice to your lemonade…..or punch!

We also gained a couple of insights of what other people freeze -things we didn’t even think about such as this from Razia Khanom “egg yolk and egg white separated store very well!” We didn’t know this, so after some research on Egg Info we found it was entirely possible to freeze an egg, as long as you “add half a teaspoon of sugar or a teaspoon of salt per egg should be mixed with each whole egg prior to freezing.” This is because…. *Science Fact Alert* freezing effects the proteins in the yolk which makes the egg have a glutinous texture when defrosted!

Do you have any tips on what you can freeze? Why not let us know on our Facebook Page.

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