Fabulous Food Flavourings sprinkled with a little Christmas- Beau Products Concentrated Food Flavourings

*Shhhh I am going to sneak a little Christmas talk into this blog but don’t tell anyone as I have a feeling they are not as Christmassy as me in the office!*

However we do have new products in the warehouse and this is always like Christmas! The Edited for blognew Beau Products Concentrated Food Flavourings  have arrived and are ready on our website.

These are highly concentrated so you literally only need a couple of drops before you can smell and taste their delights. So these 40ml bottles will last for so long when stored correctly.

You may think that these are awesome for cakes, however you are not limited with these. A few other suggestions are for use in; custard, cream, fondants, icing and even chocolate.

These are much like Jelly Beans where you can make some classic combinations a few of my suggestions are;

recipe-image-legacy-id--577451_10Apple and Blackberry for a delicious and comforting apple and blackberry pie combination. There is nothing more delightful than the comforting smell of an apple and blackberry pie combination on a winters day, such as this recipe from BBC Good Food. I think this would be amazing as one flavouring added to a simple sponge and then adding the other flavouring to a custard.

Cranberry and Mulled Wine for a delectable Christmas scent. Where The Cookies are have a mulled-wine-2-blogdelicious sounding recipe to make an actual Cranberry Mulled wine. If you would like to make cakes to accompany the wine then these flavourings are just the ticket. There is nothing nicer than a nice cup of mulled wine snuggled up in front of the fire and now you can tuck into a nice slice of cake or cupcake.


popcorn (1)My ultimate favourite combination is Creamy Butter and Popcorn which just reminded me of being in the cinema. Besting Nesting has an awesome recipe for you to recreate your very own cinema popcorn. I think this cinema combo would be perfect using the creamy butter in your cake mixture and then adding your popcorn flavouring to the chocolate on your cake pops.


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