Macmillan Coffee Morning – Easy Banoffee Cupcakes


It’s Macmillan Coffee Morning time again! This year, I was dying to test out one of our lovely new food flavourings, all the way from Beau Products.

I decided to make Banoffee Cupcakes, as this is a combination that I absolutely adore. Here’s how I did it 🙂


3 Eggs

Self raising flour

Stork margarine


Beau Flavouring – Banana

300g Double Cream

half a tin of Carnation Caramel

Pre-heated oven – 170 degrees/gas mark 3



I haven’t put weights onto the flour, sugar and margarine, because I want to share one of my brilliant Grandma’s tips with you 🙂


   Weigh the eggs!! All the sponge ingredients should weight the same, so if you begin by weighing your eggs, and then measure the rest of the ingredients to be the same, you will get it right EVERY TIME!!!

My 3 eggs weighed 160g, so I started by Creaming 160g of sugar with 160g of softened Stork Margarine. You can use butter if you prefer, but I always use Stork, and find it to make really lovely cakes – as well as being nice and soft to work with and also a wee bit cheaper 🙂


Creaming uses the back of a spoon (wooden is best) to press the sugar into the butter and wipe it against the side of the bowl to mix the two ingredients together.

Add the eggs – I like to whisk my eggs up in a cup before I add them to my mix – (this isn’t a necessary step, but I have always done it!) and then add around a quarter of a teaspoon of the flavouring – Remember – this is highly concentrated, so adding too much will be slightly yucky <—Technical term 😀


Sieve in the flour – 160g of self-raising flour. Sieving it in ensures a lump-free mix 🙂


Using two spoons, to ‘scoop and swipe’ – fill your cake cases halfway and pop them in a the oven for around 15 minutes. I made a ‘bakers dozen’ ie 12 for charity and one for me!!


Leave them to cool – IMPORTANT – you need to let them cool completely, as you are adding cream, so I recommend leaving them for about 2 hours – just to make absolutely sure!! Put your feet up, have a brew, read a book 🙂


When they are completely cooled, mix a small amount of cream with your toffee (to loosen it up slightly) and smear a line of toffee along one side of your piping bag. When you add the cream and pipe it, it will create a two-tone effect which will taste great!!

Whip up your cream until it stands in peaks and spoon it into your piping bag – I used a number 12 Star nozzle to make a beautiful whipped swirl.

Dust over coco powder to finish 🙂

Whilst cooking I was listening to Jo Whiley on Radio 2 as she played songs for the hundreds of people up and down the country who spent last night baking to donate to Macmillans ‘World’s Biggest Coffee Morning’ and it really felt good to be a small part of something so big and so important.


I delivered the cakes to my local restaurant ‘Olivers’ and went for a well deserved drink!

Happy Baking!!

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