Halloween Hatchet Cupcake Make!

There is just over 3 weeks until that spooky day is upon us……Halloween……  So getting in the spirit of things I have been looking for ideas for spooky cupcakes, there are some fabulous ideas out there and some very gruesome ones as well. However my favourite has to be these ‘So I Married an Ax Murderer’ inspired cupcakes brought from One Charming Party.

I think they would be a hit with both both males and females, the cuteness of the cupcakes and the goriness of the blood and hatchet, if you want to try it yourself then they have all the instructions, including how to make the blood splatter. The hatchets on the top are made from plastic, however I wanted to try it myself, so here is how it went……..

EditedI started off with making the axe shape using the SFP Poinsettia and cutting out an axe shape free-hand however you could try using the PME Bell Cutter to get your Hatchet Shape

edited 3

. I then painted on the Metallic Red Food Paint with one of the Culpitt Brushes and then wait for it to dry a little. Once dried I then painted on the end with the White Metallic Food Paint, once this had also dried I put a tiny drop of the Red Metallic Paint onto my finger and then on the tip of the axe to look like blood…..scary!!

To make the Hatchet handle I use the White SFP with the Chestnut Brown Paste to get the colour I wanted and then shaped it and flattened a little. I then pressed onto it using the Tree Bark Texture Mat to get the wood effect handle. I neatened up any rough edges with the PME Scriber Tool then glued the two pieces Finaltogether using Edible Glue.

Once the whole thing has dried you could follow the instructions from One Charming Party, or why not try using our recipe for Flat Topped Vanilla Cupcakes, then add a simple a frosting, and drizzle a little Strawberry Cooli on top- this one from Red Online looks delicious. Bake them in either any of these great Halloween Cupcake Cases, such as the Purple, Black or the Halloween Wicked Witch. You can then dig your Hatchet into the cupcake for a gory delight!

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