Halloween Monster Cake Pops

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Trick or Treat! It’s nearly that time of year again… Halloween! So if you’re expecting lots of trick or treaters knocking on your door why not give them something a little different than the usual chocolate biscuit (That’s all I ever seemed to get!) and treat them to these little monsters. These cake pops are ‘dead’ easy to make and look fantastic!

So what will you need to get started? First of all lots of cake balls, if you’re unsure how to make them click here to read my tutorial.


You will also need:

PME Candy Buttons I’m using Orange and Bright Green but any colours would look just as good (There is 14 in the range!).

Cake Pop Sticks

Cake Pop Bags & Ties (You can buy both Bags & Sticks together and save money!)

FMM Reusable Piping Bag

Something for the eyes, I’m using Wilton Candy Eyes but you could easily make your own using white buttons with black icing.


I don’t know about you but I already hear the kids putting on their devil horns and witches hats so we better get started..!

Like with all cake pops, it all starts with a dipping! Melt the chocolate either in the microwave or on the hob. Burnt chocolate doesn’t taste very nice so remember to stir in between melting. The PME melts are fantastic and melt very easily. I found I only had to add just one teaspoon of vegetable oil to thin it out a little (I’ve always had to use more with other brands!).

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Once melted grab a cake pop stick, dip the end in the chocolate and then into the cake pop. Leave this is set so the cake ball doesn’t fall off!


Once set we can now dip the cake pops! Remember to have a deep enough bowl so the cake pop can be dipped straight in and back out again. Hold the cake pop over the bowl and tap your wrist while turning the stick with your hand to shake off any excess chocolate.


Once all the excess chocolate has fallen off add your eyes (or eye) and leave to set.

Mike Wazowski?!
Mike Wazowski?!

Your little monsters will now look a little bald..!

Where's our hair..?!
Where’s our hair..?!

Now this part is fun..! Let’s add the hair, melt some more chocolate and add to a piping bag then pipe on the chocolate while turning the cake pop. I found it was easier to start around the eye and then go from there. Don’t worry about being neat just go nuts..!

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And there you have it, Monster Cake Pops! Don’t forget to finish them off with the cake pop bags and ties to keep them safe (and stop them from escaping of course..!). Why not give them a try using different colours and maybe even more eyes..!

Hope you all have a great and spooky Halloween! If you give these little monsters a go share them, along with your other Halloween creations, with us on our Facebook page.

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