Interview with Cake Pop Queen and her review on PME Candy Buttons

With our very own Cake Pop Queen Emma being sweet talked with chocolate , I have taken the opportunity to have a short interview with her!

Q- Hi Emma, can you tell me five reasons why you like making cake pops?

A- I like using different colours of Candy Buttons. They are diet sized cakes…………as long as you only have one!! I like coming up with different designs for the cake pops, and I also like seeing peoples faces when they see the finished Cake Pops.

Q- What is one top tip when making Cake Pops?

A- Hmmmmm….. I would say don’t do it all in one day. Try and spread it out over 2 or 3 days. Make your cake and crumble on one day, then either wait a day or if you have time crumble the cake and make the cake balls. You definitely need to leave the balls overnight in the fridge and then spend the final day dipping the balls and decorating.

Q- What do you like about using the PME Candy Buttons compared to other brands?

A- They melt much more easily and they melt thinner as well, which means you need to use less. They have a range of colours, so you can make so many different designs without the need to worry about colouring the chocolate.

Q- Finally………….when are you making more Cake Pops for us (*Smile Sweetly*)?

A- Well……….. I am thinking at Christmas I may make some!

YAY! The best thing is if you fancy making your own Cake Pops we currently have a great deal on eBay where they are BUY TWO GET ONE FREE!!candy_button_melts_pme_variation

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