Making Sugar Roses – Cupcake Toppers

Making Sugar Roses

Step by Step on making sugar roses.
Step by Step to making really simple sugar roses. Sugarcraft has never been easier.

Roses that just take 5 minutes!

Today I’ve been making sugar roses. These are really simple and the main point of this experiment was to use as little equipment as possible to cut down on costs to create your own easy fondant sugar rose toppers.

I will make a list of equipment you need but most of it should already be in the cupboard at home or you can improvise just as I did!


What you will need.


I have added in all the links in case you want to buy these! You can improvise with many of the items like making your own modelling paste, using cutters & colours you already own or hand cutting the shapes – WARNING this will take much more time and give a less professional finish.


Step 1

Roll your flower paste as fine as possible, the finer it is the more realistic your rose will look! My tip is to use cornflour very lightly dusted underneath to stop your paste from sticking.


Step 2 

Cut 6 circles out of the flower paste. I didn’t actually have a circle cutter to the size I wanted so I used an icing tube! I turned the icing tube upside down and used the 2 inch width to cut through the icing! This is about the size of tubes you use for cupcake frosting and metal is preferable as it cuts easier.


Step 3

Start by rolling the first circle to create a swirl as you can see in this picture, you will wrap the remaining circles around this main part.

Step 4

Wrap each circle one at a time starting on alternate sides around the rose centre, you will start to see this building up to your rose, nip the rose around half way down to keep the shape building the way you want it. You can also continue to add layers or use less to make bud like roses. I found 6 circles about right to make the flower as shown complete in the picture.


Step 5

Cut off the excess of the rose, by doing this it will also squash the paste together so it holds and you have a flat base so you can stand your rose up to dry. I recommend leaving all creations overnight to firm up and so I often make my toppers a day before I bake!


Step 6

Make your rose petals simply by cutting out your rose leaf with a cutter or by hand, you can mark it with veins if you wish using a PME flower veining tool or use a plunger cutter that does 2 in one cutting and veining as you go! Leave these to dry with your flowers over night. I always find using scrunched up kitchen roll allows them to dry with a bit of shape rather than just flat.


That’s it, you can then go on to dusting and steaming your rose and rose leaf but for this one I didn’t, I wanted to keep it as simple as possible and I really enjoyed making them!

I hope you find it as useful as I did! Easy Valentines or Rose Toppers for last minute Lil’s like myself!



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