Cupcake Toppers – Valentines Sugarcraft Tutorial – Making Fondant Lips


Making Fondant Lips

Again a nice easy one for making a cupcake topper perfect for a Hen Night or Valentines cupcakes. You will definitely impress easily with these lovely toppers.

With this you can choose to use all the same goods I did or leave them plain and uncoloured but I personally thought the shine and gloss the Sugarflair paint finish gave the lips was exactly what I was after for these cheeky cupcakes. I also used a yummy Red Velvet Recipe so the cake was a lovely bright red inside adding an extra surprise to the finished cupcake!

All you will need…


In fact to minimise expense further you could go as far as using Food Colour or Edible Paint as really any good quality product will cover well enough on their own. I have shown you both on this tutorial so you can choose whichever you like, if you like your lip gloss, go for the edible glitter paint!

Step 1

Colour and knead modelling paste until it becomes pliable and you are happy with the shade of colour. Roll a ball of modelling paste around 2cm wide and then flatten it slightly.


Step 2

Pinch the edges either side to create a basic mouth shape with the fondant.

Step 3

Use a sharp knife to cut the paste from tip to tip, only go about half way in depth.


Step 4

Use your fingers to round the hard edges and pinch the corners further to create a smile.


Steph 5

Use the wrong end of a sugarcraft paint brush or PME tool to press slightly in at the top of the lips to create the top lip and use your modelling tool to mark the lips for creases to create a realistic finsh.




Step 6

Leave until dried (a couple of hours) and then you can paint with a metallic paint like Sugarflair Glitter Paint for an extra dazzling finish.



I really enjoyed making these and I found it really easy to quickly put 12 together for my batch – around 15-20 mins. I have to say in all honesty I preferred the finish with the Sugarflair Paint  not only because of the lovely gloss it gave the cupcakes but it gave a 3D depth with the way the paint gathered in the cracks doing all the hard work of shading light and dark areas for you.


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