Cake Portions & Servings Size Guide

One of the most asked questions we get is about portion sizing and with my upcoming wedding I was also interested to read about how big of a cake I would need to feed all my guests and maybe myself after the wedding dress diet has ended! So we have decided to put together a collection of infographs with the help of some cakey friends to help you with your portions and sizes!

The first is this from Iced Jems this handy little guide it attached to my wall and I regularly refer to it. It has a handy little guide for both party and wedding cakes including the different size tiers on the cake. CakeServingsGuideIcedJems


The second is this great little infograph from – insert- which has the portion sizes on as well as the amount of Sugarpaste you will need to cover the cake. We sell the Sugarpaste in 250g packs so if you need to cover a 7″ cake there is no need to worry about having to buy 1kg of Sugarpaste when you can buy it in a 500g and 250g.


The great thing about the guides is that you can print them off and refer to them as you need them and they are also great to show your customers the size cake that they will need to ensure all their guests leave feeling full.



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