Rainbow Cake Pop Tutorial


What better way to celebrate St Patrick’s Day than these Pot O’ Gold Cake Pops filled with Rainbow goodness!

You will need:

Before we begin please go have a read of my cake pop tutorial which goes through the basics of making cake pops and how to avoid the usual cake pop problems!

Had a read? Good! Lets start with the rainbow cake balls. I made a 3 egg cake mix and divided it between 6 containers. To each mix I added a different Sugarflair Gel Food Paste from our rainbow set; Christmas Red, Grape Violet, Ice Blue, Melon, Party Green & Tangerine. I then made cupcakes with the mix managing to make 3 cupcakes of each colour.

Once the cupcakes were baked and left to cool I then crumbed these down and added some buttercream to make the crumbs into a dough.



To make a rainbow cake ball I took a small amount of each colour and rolled them into ball. I then stacked them into my Cake Pop Baller (aka Meatball maker!) in the following order; Purple, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange & Red. Press the cake pop baller down as much as you can letting any excess fall away.



When you remove the ball it should look something like this:


Continue making rainbow balls untill you run out of dough, I managed to make 20!


After leaving the cake balls overnight in the fridge it was time to dip them! I melted some PME Milk Chocolate Candy Buttons and first dipped the end of the stick into the chocolate and then into the ball.


After fully dipping them into the chocolate I tapped off the excess and left to dry upside down on greaseproof paper, I pushed down slightly to make the ‘rim’ of the pot.


When the cake pops were completely dry I carefully peeled them off the greaseproof paper

Since I had no yellow candy buttons around I decided to try using the new PME White Vanilla Candy Buttons & Squires Kitchen Cocol to colour the buttons myself.

At first I thought I would try the gold colour (from the warm set) but unfortunately it didn’t work at all for colouring the chocolate. Instead I used the yellow colour (also from the warm set) to colour the vanilla candy melts a light yellow. I then poured a tiny bit on top of the cake pop.




Before the chocolate set I sprinkled on some Gold Rainbow Dust Edible Glitter to make the pot of gold truly sparkle! It really did make a great difference to the cake pop and the fact that it is 100% edible is a bonus!




There you have it Pot O’Gold Rainbow Cake Pops all ready for a St Patrick’s Day Party! However you celebrate the holiday this year have a good one and don’t forget to share your St Patrick’s Day creations with us at Party Animal Online!


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