IT guy meets sugar flowers!

Hello everyone!

My names Dan Clarke, I’m Steph’s brother and recent re-addition to the Party Animal team, primarily in IT systems and process management.

However this weekend I thought it would be nice to ‘practice what you preach’ and take home some sugar flower equipment with the goal of having a go at some roses from a complete newbies perspective using products available in our online store.

With Steph’s previous blog about the creation of basic roses on my laptop screen I cleared some space in the lounge and got out my equipment for this potentially daunting task!

Preparing your Petals…

I began by rolling out Renshaws White Modelling Paste really thin and cutting out discs using a JEM metal piping tube, as instructed. Using a cocktail stick I then further thinned the edges of my sugar discs to give them a thinner edge and slight wave when assembled.


First steps of creating sugar flowers
First steps of creating sugar flowers

Quick Tip: If you are as new to this as me you may find it takes a while to construct these flowers and your discs begin drying out, this made them harder to handle and manipulate. I used a little cling film to stop this giving me a little more time!

Constructing the flower…

The middle of the flower was simple a single disc rolled up lightly, there is one on the left of the above image for reference. Following this you simply layer the discs around the inner bud sticking with water until the flower is an acceptable size. Sugar glue could be used here but I found water to be sufficient.

Please see the below picture of a couple of the finished flowers. To create the red one I applied a little Sugarflair Christmas Red to the flower paste when kneading.


Sugar rose flowers
Sugar rose flowers


Finishing Touches…

After leaving the flowers to harden over night I tried out a couple of finishing effects and colouring alternatives.

The yellow flower below is simply the white flower brushed with Sugarflair tangerine blossom dust. This gave a fantastic effect as an alternative to applying the colour to the paste due to slight unevenness of the colour giving a more realistic finish.

The red flower was made from the dyed paste with a brush of burgundy Sugarflair blossom dust between the petals to give a shade and feeling of depth to the flower. I also gave this flower a quick dust with the snowflake lustre to give it a little sparkle.

Sugar roses brushed with Sugarflair blossom and lustre colours.
Sugar roses brushed with Sugarflair blossom and lustre colours.


The below white flower was brushed lightly snowflake lustre then I tipped the edges using the pearlescent cerise Rainbow Dust click twist pen.




I must say I was extremely surprised how easy these flowers were to create and would recommend you all to have a little try, trust me if I can do it, anyone can!!

For reference, please see the following list of products used, most of which are available on the Party Animal Online shop;

–          Renshaws Flower Paste

–          Rolling pin

–          Cornflour (for rolling)

–          Sugarflair colouring (if required)

–          Piping nozzle (I used a JEM nozzle)

–          Cocktail Sticks

–          A little water for sticking

–          Sugarflair Dust for finishing. (if required)

–          Rainbow Dust Click Twist Brush for highlights (if required)

Final tip: Be careful where you leave the flowers to dry as my cat quite enjoyed munching a few of them in the night!!


Good thing he's cute!
Good thing he’s cute!

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