Mother’s Day Cupcakes

Our Quick Mother’s Day Cupcakes

Elegant easy Mother's Day Cupcakes
Mother’s Day Cupcakes

Mother’s Day here in the UK is set for next Sunday, 30th March 2014. Apologies for leaving it a little late on our Mother’s Day Cupcakes but I figure I might be behind in the UK but in the US I’m almost three months ahead!

I have used pretty pinks on my cupcakes but you can use any pastel colours and they would look gorgeous and elegant idea for those wonderful Mums of ours!

For these cupcakes I used minimum products that would work for Birthday’s or Wedding cupcakes alike, a little change in colour makes these so versatile and you would get tonnes of use out of the designs by simply switching them up a little.

I used my favourite Lemon Cupcake Recipe for the sponge… I love this recipe, it’s so light and fluffy, it’s not too tangy so it goes down well with even those who aren’t that taken with citrus flavours.

To Decorate Mother’s Day Cupcakes:

You Will Need

All the above are very easy to use and really take little explanation, some top tips when using the moulds is to dust them well with cornflour, it makes it much easier for release if you do this well. Clean your moulds well after use, small bits of sugarpaste left in the mould can effect it’s performance.

Katy Sue Little Flower Mould


Tappits can be a little trickier, my top tips when using these is to only use flower paste, pre-bought or homemade. Sugarpaste is too sticky and just makes a simple job so much harder! Roll it super thin… you should be able to almost see through the flower paste that’s when you know it’s thin enough. These tips will help dramatically but for more information I will write up a blog especially based on Tappit Tips for you all!


Click-Twist pens by Rainbow Dust are so easy and give such a gorgeous effect, I liked using them as it meant there was no need to mess around with colouring the paste separately.

I hope you’ll agree these products created lovely elegant Mother’s Day Cupcakes and they are much easier than they look!

Mother's Day Cupcakes
Easy Mother’s Day Cupcakes

All our products are available from our website at great prices. Feel free to comment if there’s any questions you would like answering.

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