Two Toned Buttercream – Piping Techniques

Two Toned Buttercream

two tone buttercream

I wanted to show you our new colours and a really simple technique of using them to achieve two toned buttercream swirls.

Progel is a form of gel food colouring which is really concentrated, it’s made by Rainbow Dust and it can be used for more than just colouring your Sugarpaste!

It’s really simple, you will need the following things:

You don’t have to use the 1B nozzle, you can use any star shape you like but the 1B is a drop flower and makes great roses which is fantastic for two toned buttercream.

Two Toned Buttercream
Creating two toned buttercream using ProGel.

Step 1:

Rub a thin layer of colour around the inside of the piping bag. You may use as many colours as you would like to create a rainbow effect but remember this gets trickier the more you use as you must keep the colours separate, the lines of colour should start at the tip of the tube to the end of the bag. Using one colour is much easier and is a great starting point if you’ve never tried it before… before you know it you’ll be creating a rainbow on top!

Lining the icing bag with food colouring.
Lining the icing bag with food colouring.

Step 2:

Place your firm buttercream in the bag carefully, try and open your bag wide to get the buttercream in as far as possible without wiping all the colour off the side, this will give a much more even finish. For a great buttercream frosting recipe visit our previous blog.

Two Toned Buttercream
Fill your piping bag with buttercream frosting.

Step 3:

Lightly squeeze your buttercream down to the end and seal the end of the bag with a simple twist. A great technique is to hold the bag by the twist at the end when piping for extra control and this way you can simply twist the bag more to push the two toned buttercream down easily.

You're all set to start piping!
You’re all set to start piping!

Step 4:

You’re ready to rock and roll! For piping roses you start your swirl from the inside and work your way to the outside whilst turning your cupcake. For swirls you start from the outside and work to the inside, slightly stacking the buttercream until it peaks. I found this Youtube vid really handy: Two-Tone Rose Buttercream Tutorial

Two Tone Buttercream
The finished Cupcakes. Easy Two Toned Buttercream using Rainbow Dust ProGels

In the picture a flower technique has been used working from the inside to the outside to create a rose like finish. Progel colours used in these pictures are purple, ice blue and poppy red but feel free to experiment with as many as Rainbow Dust ProGel colours as you like!

  • Remember all Rainbow Dust products including the full ProGel range can be found on the PartyAnimalOnline
    website at the very best prices, we also have promo sets available when you are after multiple colours.
Two Toned Buttercream
Easy how to using Progel colours to make two toned buttercream swirls on cupcakes.



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