Extra 10% Discount PartyAnimalOnline eBay Shop

10% Discount PartyAnimalOnline eBay Shop

10% Discount Code


Thanks to your ideas we have come up with a way to save you a further 10% discount with PartyAnimalOnline eBay shop! We are already the cheapest out there with the widest range of cake goods but we wanted to find away to save you money when you buy larger orders.

This discount applies to absolutely everything in our eBay store covering over 1,200 lines of the most popular cake decorating goods such as sugarpaste, food colours, cutters, veiners, cake boards, boxes, cupcake cases, candy melts and loads more!

The upside to ordering larger orders is we help reduce the carbon footprint and being environmentally friendly is very important to the PartyAnimalOnline family. Reducing the amount of times you are ordering small quantities and ordering a few extra items at once saves all the vans that travel up and down the country blowing even more smog in to the atmosphere, it saves on the amount of invoices we use, it saves on the use of packaging materials and therefore makes it better for the carbon footprint!

PartyAnimalOnline Reducing Carbon Footprint
Reducing our Carbon Footprint

In return we are offering you a further 10% OFF your order so now you can help save the environment whilst saving yourself extra money each time you order!

How Do I save?

  • Simple instead of ordering an item daily, wait until you have 5 items to buy and purchase them in one go!
  • When you add the items to your eBay basket your discount will be applied automatically to your order!
  • This applies to all orders including Worldwide!
  • We save, you save and together we help save the environment.

Other things PartyAnimalOnline do to cut their Carbon Footprint

  • Recycle all cardboard materials that come through the warehouse.
  • We use recycled materials.
  • We recycle all our ink cartridges by Donating them to Breast Cancer Research.
  • We automatically combine orders to reduce the amount of trips through postal services, invoices and packaging use.

We are very proud to say we have been running our eBay shop for over 4 years and have received over 160,000 positive feedback resulting in a fantastic 100% feedback score. If you ever have a problem with your order or even advice on using products our customer service team are ready to help advise! We deal with all messages within 24 hours from Monday – Friday and have been known for our super fast responses as well as our super fast dispatch times. We are always here to help.

Visit our feedback page for a closer up-to-date look!


Our Cake Decorating Supplies shop is ever expanding and if you have any requests for products or idea’s you’d like to see brought forward we would love to hear your feedback! As a small family business we appreciate every single one of our customers and will continue to pass on any discounts that we can through savings you help us make!

Last year we raised money for the Guide Dogs!




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