Blue Food Colour Chart & Mixing Colours

Blue Food Colour Chart

Blue Food Colour Chart
Food colouring chart from Rainbow Dust Progel colours.

On Friday I decided to add a new colour chart to the collection. Thanks to all your positive feedback we received from the Sugarflair Green Colour Chart we posted a few weeks back we’ve decided to do more!

We will be bringing all shades to you from Rainbow Dust Progels through to Sugarflair Spectral paste colours, the top selling food colours.


I get asked how I achieve the shades. I start by colouring a set amount of paste to the darkest colour, a good tip is to weight the sugarpaste once coloured and then you can always work out a ratio. For example if you colour 5g of paste and add 30g of weight to get to your perfect shade you can then replicate it easily in larger quantities.


5g of colour to 30g white = 35g of colour

Times it by 20 to get enough sugarpaste to colour your cake.

100g of colour to 700g white = 800g of colour. See our Cake Covering Guide to see how much sugarpaste you’ll need to colour.

I liked doing the blue ProGel chart, there’s something about the colour that’s very calming! What colour would you like to see us do next?

Here’s the list of colours we used:

  • Navy Blue
  • Baby Blue,
  • Ice Blue
  • Sky Blue
  • Turquoise
  • Aqua

I also mixed the lightest shade with a touch of pink and yellow to show you just how easily you can create new colours with different combinations.

blue food colour chart

We stock the full range of ProGel colours on our website, we also have discounted full sets and bulk buy discount from our Bulk & Wholesale section if you buy 10 of the same colour.

I hope this charts been helpful, please leave a comment to tell us which other colours you’d like to see us do next!



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