Game of Thrones Cakes

Yesterday I asked our customers to post their Game of Thrones cakes as Game of Thrones Season Four has finally arrived!

This season is as gory and unpredictable as the last three, don’t worry there are NO spoilers included in this post but I did want to share with you the fantastic ‘Game of Thrones’ cakes made by some wonderful people. If you would like to see more about the Cake Decorators simply click the links on their names and it will take you direct to their Facebook pages!

Here’s a bit of Cake Appreciation for those Game of Thrones Fans!

Game of Thrones Cupcake Toppers
Made by ‘The Kitchen’

These wonderful Cupcake Toppers were made by Lisa from The Kitchen, they are lovely sugarcraft toppers for cupcakes and what a wonderful idea they are too! ‘The Kitchen’ are based in London, UK! These are sized not much larger than a 10 pence piece! Why not have Game of Thrones Cupcakes to go with your Game of Thrones cake!


This amazing cake was created by The Cake Mamas based in CA, USA. This cake was made for a medieval wedding with ‘Game of Thrones’ theme…. yes you heard right…it’s a Game of Thrones Wedding Cake! Very elegant and obviously a lot of time has gone in to this 4 tiered stacked cake topping with a giant sugarcraft sword! The map on the bottom tier just has so much detail in it. A beautiful cake for such a gory medieval tale!

Game of Thrones Cake
Made by Jakes Cakes

I love this one… it’s dark and gory just like the story! Made by the extremely talented Janette from Jakes Cakes from Australia. Janette used an airbrush gun to colour the Iron Throne and help create that fantastic metallic finish. It took 10 hours in total to make and you can see why.

Game of Thrones Cake

Last but not least we have Cake Couture – Edible Art over in the US with this little beauty.

A fabulous range of Game of Thrones cakes to get you in the mood for Season 4! It’s going to be a good one.

Top products fo Game of Thrones cakes:

gold_metallic_edible_metallic_food_colour_paint_rainbow_dust          dark_silver_metallic_edible_metallic_food_colour_paint_rainbow_dust           bronze_metallic_edible_metallic_food_colour_paint_rainbow_dust           jet_black_rainbow_dust_double_sided_edible_pen


These metallic paints and pens are 100% edible and are perfect to use to give your thrones and crowns a realistic metallic finish!

If you are completely at a loss on what this post is about and have never seen this series, then here’s a little insight in to Game of Thrones, it’s also the Season Four trailer for those of you who are yet to watch the first episode!

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