Ruffle Flower Tutorial

Ruffle Flower Tutorial

ruffle flower tutorial
Ruffle Flower Tutorial


What you will need

Extra’s – Helpful modelling tools

I have added the links to the ones I have used in this tutorial, just click on the item you want to know more about in the list above.

Really nothing much is needed to make this lovely easy ruffle flower. It makes a beautiful cupcake topper with little effort and can be used in a large range of colours. We have chosen to use blues in a range of shades starting from dark to light.

I started with using Baby Blue Sugarflair paste and flower paste, I coloured 5 lots of paste to create the different shades. The more you add to your flower paste the darker it gets. Colour will also deepen over night so we recommend colouring the day before in most cases. Start by colouring a set amount to the deepest shade you can make, then you are set to use this with quantities of white so you can recreate colours easily if you really like them.

**For example then you can use 1 part blue to 5 parts white. 2 parts blue to 5 parts white and so on.**

I used the same size cutters for all 3 shades, pick your size that will best fit your cupcakes or cake.

Now this is the simple run down on how to. 

Roll your flower paste nice and thin and cut your shape, you will need to use a foam pad and a cocktail stick for the frilling and simply roll it against the edge of the circle you’ve cut. A foam pad works better as there’s not as much resistance allowing you to apply pressure without cutting through the paste.

ruffle flower

With your index finger roll the cocktail stick back and forth along the edge several times until thinning it, then turn the circle slightly and continue on the next section. Do this until the the circle has a complete frilled edge.


Pop the first layer of the flower in your former. I would definitely recommend using a former of some sort or finding something that will curve the shape of the flower whilst setting, if you don’t use this shape to form your flower you will find it will droop before it sets. Egg cartons can often be used as a substitute if you don’t have the real deal. Otherwise I used CelCakes former 1 in this tutorial.


Next step add a touch of edible glue to each layer, there’s loads of great edible glues on the market such as Rainbow Dust edible glue, Squires Kitchen edible glue and Holly Products edible glue. I have found them all very good to use. If you would rather make your own you can do this by using CMC with water (cooled boiled water is best) to make a good home made edible glue.


Do this with multiple layers until your flower is completely full, I used 4 on mine that was quite a large flower to make an overstated design on my plain cupcakes. You could make them as small as you like by simply using a smaller cutter initially which would require less layers.


Leave your flower overnight for the best results before painting the tips. If you are using flower paste less time will be required for your flower to set.


Use the amazing Rainbow Dust Click-Twist Brushes to paint the edges in whichever colour you like. I personally chose silver on this ruffle flowers, I always think silver goes best with cool colours and golds for warm colours.


Click-Twists are really easy, you twist the brush and it makes a clicking sound releasing the edible metallic paint into the brush, dab off any excess and then simply run it along the edges. This gives it a beautiful metallic shine to finish it off.


You can then place your lovely ruffle flower as a centrepiece on a cake, as a gorgeous large flower on cupcakes or just get creative. You’ve got the technique down so experiment, that’s what cake decorating is all about!

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ruffle flower tutorial
Ruffle Flower Tutorial

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