Party Animal Shares – Cat Cakes

15 Cat Cakes, Cupcakes and Toppers to make you smile!

I love the new animal theme we now have going for our Monday Facebook posts. We decided as we are called ‘Party Animal’ we should give you all chance to share your Animal Cakes! This week we started with Cats, Kittens and all things feline and you guys showed us some incredible Cat Cakes you’ve been creating!

So here’s some of our favourites…. we want to post them all but you guys have been so busy with making kitties we couldn’t fit them all on.

1.  Grumpy Cat: Cake by The Clever Little Cupcake Company – Ok so how cute is this little guy? I love the simplicity of this cake and no matter how grumpy, Grumpy Cat is he still makes everyone smile!

Grumpy Cat Cake

2. Basil the Cat: Cake by Marie’s Bakehouse – Marie’s daughter requested a cake of their pet cat so that is what she got!! A lovely edible Basil! I really loved the texture Marie has used in this one.


3.  Cat Cupcakes: by Bun Direction – These two little kitties look like they’ve been up to no good! Hand made edible toppers on Cupcakes.. Puuuurfect!

Cat Cupcakes


4. Felix the Cat Cake Topper: by Burgh Cakes – We’ve named him Felix… a wonderful hand modelled cake topper!Cat Cake Topper

5. Playful Cat-Cakes: Cupcakes by Jo Takes The Cake – Every single Cat on these Cat-Cakes have their own personality and the little Black Cats definitely found the Cat Nip! Brilliant!


6. Cheshire Cat: Cake by Fancy Cakes by Linda – Alice and Wonderland inspired and a Cheshire Cat with a grin as big as the world! The modelling and design of this cake is out of this world!


7. Posh Cat Knows Best: by Cowan Cakes – I love the character of this furry feline… she knows what she wants and she won’t take anything less! Posh Cat knows best.


8. Kwazzi Kitten: Cake by Sarah Janes Cake World – Octonaughts fun for everyone with this awesome completely edible cake… Kwazzi Cat jumping in with a big Cat share today!

Kwazzi Kitten Cake

9. Cat Basket Kitty: Cake by Mikki’s Scrumptios Cakery – The puuuuuurfect addition to our Cat Cakes is this gorgeous kitty creation!mikkis_scrumptious_cakery

10. Serious Cattitude: Cake by K’s Cakes – That’s one hell of a guilty look right there! Love the design of this cake, a great use of the board too!

Cat Cake

11. Room on the Broom: Cake by Let’s Eat Cake – I love the little ginger cat in this cake… incredibly detailed and just like the book with that wide eyed expression.

Room on the Broom Cake

12. Snug & Smug: Cake by No More Tiers (York) – I love this little content kitty, he just looks so comfortable…oh what it is to snooze all day! The cat prints really finished this cake off nicely!


13. Bagpuss: Cake by Julie Cains Cakes – I think you all agree that this 15 Cat Cake Shares would not be complete with the most adorable Bagpuss! Julie has managed to capture the exact texture!! Very impressive!

Bagpuss Cake

14. Curiosity Cats: Cat Cakes by She Who Bakes – Oh they are so lovely, there’s a few sneaky foxes in there too! Can’t help but notice FMM Block Upper Tappits on here… my favourite lettering of all time! Cat-tastic Cuppies!

She Who Bakes

15. Clever Cat: Cake by Sandra’s Cakes – Cat + Books = Clever Cat! Although this ones doing more napping than reading. Love the design and colours used on this cake.



Soooo I’m smiling, are you?

A great selection of cakes shared today…. pop over to our Facebook page on Monday & SHARE your animal cakes and you may well be featured in our next blog! Thanks to everyone who shared your wonderful cakes.

Don’t forget, we have a huge selection of cake decorating products and sugarcraft equipment available at the very best prices on our website too!


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