Turtle Cakes and Cupcakes

Here’s our most recent Fan Shares for all inspired Turtle Cakes and Cupcakes.


I found this little guy chewing on some lettuce over at Cakes Beyond Belief and thought he’d be perfect to start our Turtle Share Day!


With loads of entries submitted yesterday for our animal share day it was really difficult to choose this weeks Turtle Cakes and Cupcakes to go in this week fan share blog.

I love the diversity of the cakes and of course this share would not be complete without the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Cake or two!

So let’s have the line up…. here’s the Top 10 Turtle Cakes from our Facebook fans….. get ready to be inspired.

In no particular order other than the Top Favourite voted by likes on our Facebook page by our fans and the PartyAnimalOnline cake shop staff! Let us know your favourites at the bottom of this post.


1. I love the idea of waves on this cake, a very clever use of cake tiers by Give and Cake.

Turtle Cake
Turtle Cake – Give and Cake


2. This scores top for the most realistic turtle cake I have ever seen! This cake is by North Star Cakes – the same people who did that amazing Snake Cake! I love the shiny finish created with confectioners glaze… it just finishes this cake off so well…. I would feel mean cutting in to this little fella for a slice!



3. It’s Squirt from Finding Nemo… loved this character in the film and Tracey’s Fab Cakes has really captured his character here! Really impressive and amazing airbrush detail and control!



4. Dave’s Discworld Cake was presented on a massive 14″ x 18″ board… it’s enormity is a feat in itself. All the details were airbrushed on too. Fabulous by Dave’s All Occasions Cakes.



5. A ‘bodacious’ design by Cath’s Custom Cakes and this Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Cake would not be complete without the pizza! A fabulous finishing touch!



6. I was really impressed to hear this was Inspirata Cakes first use of their Airbrush… love the shell and colours on this fabulous turtle cake!inspirata_cakes


7. Hurry little tortoise… swim for your life! Looks like the sharks still hungry from his human lunch! Love the design of this cake by Julie Cains Cakes … her cakes are amazing!



8. I love the marbled effect of icing used on the turtles shell by the lovely Yvonne Walsh! Yvonne had loads of fun making this one and I can really see why, a brilliant effect used to tile his skin and shell and give this little guy a great finish!yvonne_welsh


9. TMNT Cake by Mrs B Bakes Cakes – So these guys have certainly been popular in today’s turtle shares making it incredibly hard to choose but I really liked the design and vibrancy of this one…down to the font detail of the name! Four extremely lovable, butt kicking turtles – totally awesome duuuude!



10. You’ve seen cakes but I’m here to bring you cupcakes too! These Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Cupcakes were made by Elaine’s Cheerful Colourful Cupcakes – they are exactly that… A very effective design and perfect cupcakes to finish off our turtle cake & cupcakes share!elaines_colourful_cupcakes


That concludes our Turtle Cakes & Cupcakes on Fan Shares today!

Which is your favourite?…. We’ll leave it to you guys to decide!


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