How To Avoid Creased Cupcake Cases

How To Avoid Creased Cupcake Cases

Have you ever gone to bake your cupcakes and they’ve ended up out of shape and creased? Avoid creased cupcake cases with some very simple tips!

Avoid Creased Cupcake Cases
Avoid creased cupcake cases and unwanted folds!

Why Do You Get Creased Cupcake Cases?

It’s simple, your beautiful cases are simply too big for your usually cupcake baking tray. This is usually because cases are larger at the top than they are at the bottom but yet most tins tend to be straight up and down.

How Can I Stop My Cases Creasing?

The first option but the expensive one is to buy a larger muffin tin rather than a tin for smaller cupcakes.

To save the expense of the new tin, here’s what’s always worked for me: simply don’t push your cases down, leave them just sitting in the top, add your mix and leave them & don’t be tempted to push them in! This way you avoid the creasing that occurs as the cupcake case squeezes in to the cupcake tray. It seems so simple but honestly it works… no more creased ugly looking cases from now on!

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Now you are not bound by size and shape why not treat yourself to some new beautiful cupcake cases 🙂


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