Monkey Cakes & Toppers

Monkey Cakes and Toppers

Here we are again, another week, another fun animal theme!


These little cheeky monkey’s were made by BBCakes. Cute huh!?

This week you voted for Monkey and so the monkey business began. We had a total of 83 shares over e-mails, Facebook and Twitter and somehow we had to find a way to narrow that down to just 10!

A great week, a fabulous theme and I’m very proud to present our Fans and Customers Cakes & Cookies that made the Top 10 Monkey Cakes.

1. Monkey Cupcakes by Victorious Cupcakes – I love these but not just for how lovely & neat they look but Victoria has also put together a lovely tutorial, completely free that you can try yourself. See the Monkey Cupcake Tutorial for yourself and give it a go!


2. Custom Cakes by Ann Marie – A fantastic well designed cake with a rather fabulous monkey topper! I know monkeys are the thing we are looking at…but…that tree is amazing!


3. Paul Frank Cupcakes – I love the vibrancy of these gorgeous cupcakes… Paul Frank Monkey Cupcakes from The Chain Lane Cake Co.


4 Jo Takes The Cake – Jumps in with this cheeky monkey stacked cake… fabulous modelling or what?! Look at the little guy at the bottom who has ended up with a banana on his head!



5. Yummy Cakes & Bakes – Colourful Monkey Cupcakes. These are so sweet, I love the added leaves at the bottom just to add a bit of texture in there too.


6. Time For Tiffin – It’s Curious George! Fabulous modelling by Time for Tiffin, a monkey cake share would not be complete without him! I am surprised we haven’t seen any entries for the PG Tips Monkey… I was expecting that one too!


7. Georgia RG Fowler – Story Time Monkey – I love the story style design behind this piece, it’s really lovely and well thought out! I spy FMM Funky Tappit Lettering too…one of my favourites to use and it works really well with this fun cake.


8. Crazy Cake Lady – Giant 1st Birthday Monkey – What monkey doesn’t have their own personal stack of bananas near by?! I love this carved cake by the Crazy Cake Lady. Fabulous!crazy_cake_lady

9. Rennae’s Cakes... This definitely looks like a cheeky monkey for Kylah’s Birthday. A running theme with 1st Birthday’s 😉 One lady who entered had said that she had made her son a monkey themed cake each year for his Birthday…. it just shows you can be 18 but you’ll always be a cheeky monkey! I bet this one was really fun to make!


10. The Red Cake Tin– Monkey Cookies – It’s not all cakes…. sweet monkey treats come in all shapes and forms and these were a huge hit on the page by Vanessa… I can’t believe this is some of her earliest work on cookies.. they are just adorable!the_red_cake_tin

Keep stopping by on a Monday via our Facebook Page to share your animal cakes. Themes will be announced first thing Monday morning.

Thanks to all of you who took part and don’t worry if your cake hasn’t made the top 10! There’s always next week, a new animal and a completely new vote!

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