Creating Perfectly Domed Cupcakes

Have you been wondering what the secrets are to creating perfectly domed cupcakes?

We’ve got some tips and advice that may just help you with your future cupcake adventures!

Let’s get started:

Tip 1

Now there’s many different ways you can achieve a domed effect with your cupcakes but my Top Tip is to bake your cupcakes with a dome to begin with, this means you’re not having to pile on excessive amounts of buttercream and icing to help your cupcake achieve that perfect domed finish.

To do this I found a perfect example by Buttercream Couture on filling those cupcake cases just right and making sure you have a lovely starting dome!

If your oven is too hot your cupcakes will volcano out the top, leaving behind an ugly bump that you then have to trim down. By reducing the temperature on the domed cupcakes you prevent this from occurring! Remember all ovens vary so it’s worth running a few test batches to get your temperature exactly the way it works best! Baking is a science and requires a lot of trial and error. Check out Kelly Neil’s Tutorial.

Domed Cupcakes


Tip 2 

If your cupcakes are flat then you can fill them out with plenty of buttercream as an under layer. Add a tablespoon of buttercream and smooth it into a dome, this way when you come to add your icing it makes the cake look lovely and rounded. Personally I’m not a big fan of too much buttercream so I tend to try for the dome to begin with as show in Tip 1, I then add a small amount of buttercream to help hold the icing in place and smooth out any lumps and bumps, it makes for a much smoother finish on top!

Tip 3

Don’t be afraid to roll your icing that bit thicker. A thicker layer hides many little flaws in the cupcake sponge and gives a far superior, professional finish! I’ve done a bit of a step by step on our Dummy Cupcakes to show how effective that thicker icing can be even when you start with a flat cupcake!

Dummy Cupcakes really do come in handy for practising designs without wasting batches of cake! They are also great for displays or cupcake mood boards for your customers!


Perfectly Domed Cupcakes

Sometimes your cake bakes flat and without wasting you need to make sure you cover it well so I’ve used these dummy cupcakes as an example. I used Tala Cutters which are probably one of my most used tools…not bad for a few quid…and I used Cupcakes Dummies, they are available in bags of 12 and once used for your demonstration or display you can simply scrape them down, wash and use them time & time again! Brilliant!




Roll out your icing so it’s approximately 1cm thick, you want it to be quite thick as it all helps with shaping your cupcake top! – On my example I haven’t used any buttercream as it’s not necessary when covering dummy cakes but on your cakes you will require a small amount, this will help the icing stick to the cake and smooth out any lumps & bumps on your cake as mentioned in Tip 2.



Once you’ve cut your icing out, apply the buttercream, smooth over the cupcake with a pallet knife and then add your sugarpaste top. You want to work around the edges smoothing it down to the tip of the cupcake without messing around with the top, smooth around the entire edge of the cupcake until the sugarpaste takes a domed shape.




Once you have smoothed around your cupcake edges, your cupcakes should look like this! I recommend leaving them for 1 hour to let the sugarpaste set slightly and then you can work on them easily without creating marks in the sugarpaste as easily. As you can see this has created a lovely domed effect from a flat topped cupcake!






Why not try out some of our Cupcake Topper Tutorials for quick, easy and effective designs to finish your cupcakes off!

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