Orange Slice Sugarcraft Tutorial

The Orange Slice Sugarcraft Tutorial is absolutely perfect for those summer cupcakes!

I came across this tutorial some years ago and after much research I struggled to find the original creator but want to say hats off to them! I love it… you don’t have to stop with orange slices you can also make Lemons and Limes using the same concept!

Here’s the fabulous Orange Slice Tutorial

Orange Slice Sugarcraft Tutorial


When mixing your colours for Sugarpaste use high quality colours like Sugarflair Paste Colours. They are fabulous giving you a lovely vibrant colour with a very small amount, this also makes the sugarpaste much more manageable as it doesn’t become sticky and hard to handle like it does with cheap supermarket brands.

I’d recommend going with Sugarflair Melon Yellow and Tangerine for your yellow & orange. Sugarflair colours are 100% edible as well as being suitable for vegetarian diets.

SugarflairPasteMelonEbay                    Sugarflair Paste Tangerine Colour Chart

I must say this is one of my favourite little toppers, this allows you to make loads once cut in to slices and if you don’t use them all then all you need to do is store them in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight and you can use them for future cupcake toppers too. We recommend using them up until the best before on the packet of sugarpaste or modelling paste you have used to create them.

A lovely summery orange slice cupcake topper!



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