JEM Lacy Butterfly Tutorial

Jem Lacy Butterfly Tutorial – Guest Blog by the super fantastic Charlotte from Let’s Eat Cake


Charlotte has done a step by step on using the gorgeous JEM Lacy Butterfly Cutters for us so here goes… we hope you like it and give them a go yourself. You can check out Let’s Eat Cakes page HERE!


What you will need:-

*If you want to make wired butterlies you will also need edible glue, a small paintbrush and florist’s wire (I use 26 gauge)


Roll out the gumpaste fairly thinly, around 1mm in thickness.


Just to give you an idea of thickness.


Smear a light coat of white vegetable fat over the rolled gumpaste.

Place your chosen cutter into the roller pad

Place the gumpaste, greased side down, onto the cutter and press down with your finger to secure (if your fingers are warm or sticky dust your hands with cornflour/icing sugar first).


 You should be able to see the impression of the butterfly

Take your rolling pin and roll from the centre outwards, using a firm pressure

Remove the excess gumpaste


The butterfly should now look like this…..


All cut outs removed…..Now leave to air dry for 5-10 minutes before removing from the cutter.


After 5 minutes, take the pin/scribe tool and starting at the corners gently insert and lift out the paste

JEM Lacy Butterfly Tutorial

Gently run the pin under the paste to ease out of the cutter. Take your time at this stage as the butterfly is pretty delicate! Ease out both wings first and lastly the body.


Butterfly removed from the cutter. If you are not wiring the butterfly place onto a piece of folded card to dry


 With the butterfly flat, place one finger on top of the body and keeping the wire flat, very gently insert into the body


Transfer to the folded card to dry
Unwired butterflies drying….. they will need a good few hours to dry really firm. To attach to your cake, use a small amount of royal icing. For the wired butterflies, use a posy pick inserted into the cake.

Here are the butterflies on the finished cake by Let’s Eat Cake by Charlotte.
Pop on to Charlotte’s Facebook page and see loads more of her awesome tutorials! Or visit our blog as there will be more Guest Blogs by Charlotte very soon!
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