Edible Glitter Cupcakes

Edible Glitter Cupcakes and using glitters… It’s your…


All glitters used on these pictures are 100% edible and are by Rainbow Dust called Edible Glitters. Don’t get these mixed up with the other ranges, yes they aren’t quite as sparkly as non-toxic glitters but these are 100% edible and don’t require and removal before consumption so you can go wild with them!

Edible Glitter Cupcakes:


Edible Glitters were used on these cupcakes. Rainbow Dust have paired them with the ProGel food colours to match the shade to make them stand out even more! Simply make up your buttercream and add Rainbow Dust ProGel colours to it, mix in well until all the colour is even and vibrant then pipe as normal with your round piping tube, then simply sprinkle the matching coloured glitter on top and leave to set! You get a perfect set of rainbow, vibrant, glittery and completely fabulous cupcakes.

Why not try some other ideas with Rainbow Dust ProGel Food Colours and matching edible glitters..


Go all out and cover your whole cake in it!! To do this you will require edible glue to stick the glitter to the sugarpaste. Simply add a thin layer with a brush to the areas you would like to cover and sprinkle on top!


As I’m sure you’re all aware there has been quite a lot of controversy in the cake world over the past few years regarding edible glitters. Everyone has different opinions but here’s the facts in a brief summary to bring you up to date just in case you’ve missed the full story. A ll the pictures shown above have been made with 100% edible glitter which can be purchased > HERE

What Can I Use?

You can use either Food Contact Glitters or Edible Glitters, the basic difference is the Food Contact Glitters must be removed before consuming your tasty little cuppie! All that is required by you is to let your customers know to remove the glitter before eating and the easiest and fairest way for this to happen is not to cover your cupcakes in mountains of glitter but to add to some sugarpaste details that can easily be picked off.

Edible Glitters can be used and sprinkled on without need for warning of removal and you are free to add as much as you like. The truth is these glitters aren’t a sparkly and they never will be but if you want to be on the safe side this is the best way to go! Choose reputable brands and trusted names like Rainbow Dust who also have all their certificates available on their website to download.


  • Legally if you are selling your cakes you must let the customer know if you use anything that is not 100% edible on the cake.
  • Real edible glitter will never be as sparkly as the non- toxic range.
  • Edible items have a list of ingredients on them, if they don’t the chances are they are not edible.



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