Uniform Size Cupcakes

Create Uniform Size Cupcakes Easily.

Have you been wondering how to get your cupcakes all the same size? I know I was until someone told me a really simple way… an ice cream scoop! That’s right, no more messing around with spoons and pure guesswork! Pick one of these up for a couple of quid and it will make your life so much easier… ok, so maybe not your life but definitely your baking..! 😉

ice-cream-scoop-3-lgIce cream scoops come in a variety of sizes, the one you need will depend on the size of your cases and if you want domed or flat cupcakes. I use a 49mm size which seems to cover the size of cupcakes I make.

ice cream scoop for cupcakes


And there you have it, all your cupcakes will all be the same and ready to decorate!

cupcakesI used mine to make these 4th July cupcakes, banana split flavour with yellow & white butter cream, drizzled with melted chocolate and loaded with sprinkles, YUM!


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