Pug Cupcake Tutorial

This cute Pug Cupcake Tutorial is by the awesome Shereen from Shereen’s Cakes and Bakes, Shereen is our very lovely guest blogger and you can check out loads more of her fantastic work and tutorials all available on her Facebook page HERE.

For today’s blog Shereen is posting a Step by Step tutorial on these incredibly cute pug cupcakes so if your barking mad about dogs then you’re going to love these!

Equipment Needed:



Step 1:

Ice your cupcake in the middle and cut a round disk for your cupcake – about 4mm thick


Step 2:

Cover your cupcake and using some dark brown make a mouth shape as pictured below


Step 3:

Work fast with your sugarpaste so it’s warm and ‘tacky’ so you don’t need glue, it will just stick to the cupcake, put the mouth on as pictured and shape a tongue from pink sugarpaste


Step 4:

Attach your tongue and use the quilting tool to make a little line in it


Step 5:

Add the snout


Step 6:

Make some lines in the snout and some little dots with your ball tool


Step 7:

Use your large ball tool to indent the top of the snout for the nose to fit in to. Roll a sausage shape as pictured and stick across the top and side of the snout


Step 8:

Repeat sausage shape for under the mouth


Step 9:

Add some icing above both eyes and use your shell tool to make little hair effects on the icing


Step 10:

Roll some more sausage shapes and stick them above the eyes … bring down into cheeks and around the mouth … see the left hand side


Step 11:

There should be a little gap on each side of the face make a little shape to fit in and texture it too


Step 12:

Fill all spaces on the cupcake with folds/rolls as I did with this chin


Step 13:

Add a piece right at the top between the eyes and use your blade tool to make grooves in it for the forehead


Step 14:

Shape some ears using your hands, they don’t have to be identical


Step 15:

Attach your ears and add a little sugarpaste at the top of each ear to blend in with the face


Step 16:

Add tiny little white icing dots to the eyes for character and using your soft brush, dust first black around the eyes and then brown around the eyes and just in the folds to give a little depth


Step 17: 

I used some confectioners varnish for the eyes and nose to shine them up a little bit



Thanks Shereen for this awesome Pug Cupcake Tutorial!

Well you have got to admit they are about the cutest thing you’ve ever seen! What a wonderful idea and it’s really great that fantastic bakers like Shereen share their tips and know-how with the world! We applaud you! If you think these are amazing you can check out more of Shereen’s Cakes on her Facebook Page!

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