New Christmas Karen Davies Moulds

New Christmas Karen Davies Moulds


Well it’s official, the Christmas Karen Davies moulds have arrived and I am already picturing just how cute the Christmas Cake will look with one of these incredibly sweet sugarcraft designs on the side of it!

The Karen Davies moulds are so detailed and these do nothing but live up to the already exceptional standards offered by Karen! The tiny detail within the mould makes you feel as though these may be fiddly but that’s so far from the truth… with a sprinkling of cornflour or a little lustre dust to coat the inside of the mould these moulds allow easy release!

*Top Tip*

Someone once told me that if you were struggling to get sticky sugarpaste out of your mould just pop it in the freezer for 5 minutes and try again, lo and behold it’s like a magic trick in itself…. it worked a charm! I wanted to pass on the good advice to anyone with the same problems, I didn’t need to use this trick with the Karen Davies moulds but it’s great knowing it’s there in case of emergency!

The Karen Davies new Sitting Christmas Mould range come in 4 different designs.

In all honesty it’s so difficult to decide which is my favourite… I’m swaying towards the Snowman…. mainly as I can see those Snowflakes coming in very handy for Frozen Cakes as well as many other designs, but why stop at one… you can always grab all four and have one sat on each side of your square Christmas Cake! Now there’s an idea!

Each main figure measures approximately 80mm in height and 115mm in width and come with numerous little moulds like presents, snowflake or holly built in to them.

Karen Davies moulds will keep as new for 10 years plus (I’m living proof of it with my ever growing, overused, 12 year collection!) My top tips of looking after your moulds are:

  • Clean them by hand in warm soapy water.
  • Dry them with a little kitchen roll before use.
  • Use a bit of TREX (White Vegetable Fat) to get rid of colour left on the sides

I’m really pleased to see we are stocking them! Although it’s now going to be even harder to resist them!

See more details on this range HERE or grab yours now!

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