Halloween Cake Tutorial

Halloween Cake Tutorial by Let’s Eat Cake

I love this idea!

Charlotte has put together a fun and easy to follow Halloween Cake Tutorial which includes a step by step and a list of items you will need to create this spooky cake.

Halloween Cake Tutorial

What you will need:



Cover the cake drum with black sugarpaste and leave overnight to dry. Cover the cake with purple sugarpaste and secure to the cake drum with royal icing.

trickcake4Step 1:

Roll out grey sugarpaste to 3-4mm thick. Using the stone wall impression mat press into the paste to leave the impression. To prevent sticking, lightly dust the impression mat with cornflour first.


Step 2:

Use a knife to cut the grey paste into sections that are easier to handle. Following the lines of the stones, trim a random pattern as shown. Turn each piece over and brush the back lightly with edible glue or water.


Step 3:

Place the stone wall effect  paste around the base of the cake, leaving a space at the front for the pathway. To make the pathway, use the cobble stone impression mat and cut to shape. Secure to the cake drum with edible glue.


Step 4:

Roll out white, orange and black flower paste thinly. Using the special occasion tappits cut out several ghosts, pumpkins and bats. Use the alphabet tappits to cut out the ‘TRICK OR TREAT’ letters. Set aside to dry.


Step 5:

Roll out yellow flower paste thinly and cut several stars using the three star cutters. Set aside to dry.


Step 6:

To make the the tombstones, roll out grey sugarpaste to around 4-5mm thick and using the arch cutters cut two large and one small. Add the letters as shown with edible glue. These will need to dry for at least two days.

Halloween Cake Tutorial

Step 7:

Position the tombstones on the cake and insert a wooden cocktail stick into the cake behind each to allow them to stand up. Pipe a small amount of purple royal icing onto the bottom of each tombstone and secure in place. Add the stars, bats, pumpkins and ghosts using small amount of the royal icing. Make a smooth paint using black food paste and a little clear alcohol and paint on the gate with a fine paintbrush. Finish the cake drum with black ribbon.

More fabulous Tutorials by Charlotte can be found on her Facebook page at ‘Let’s Eat Cake’. An extra special thanks to Charlotte, PartyAnimalOnline’s guest blogger for writing up this wonderful spooky tutorial!

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Happy Baking!


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