National Cake Day November 26th

National Cake Day November 26th

National Cake Day 2014

Well today is National Cake Day! I’m so glad we have a national day for cakes… I mean it is one of the better ones… just for clarification it means all cakes consumed on the 26th November are officially zero calorie content, I mean it’s National Cake Day, right, as much cake as you can stuff in your face…. Well that’s how I perceive it, I think it’s good logic!

To celebrate this years National Cake Day we’ve been asking you to share your favourite cake on our Facebook Page and telling us just why you love them so much. I want to share a few of our favourites so far with you, there’s so many to pick from so we’ll list a few so you can drool and dribble just like we have!

Funky Mamas


Funky Mamas favourite cake they’ve ever made! Fantastic design and a wonderful contribution to National Cake Day! Bravo!

Cupcake By Julie

The above cake is Cupcakes By Julie’s favourite cake ever made!! I can totally see why… this is a cake for those who love cake & wine….. what a fantastic combo! Julie’s customer was over the moon with this creation, she could hardly believe it was a cake!

Wedding Cake National Cake Day

You can’t have a bigger reason than to choose this cake as your favourite when it’s your very own Wedding Cake made with your own fair hands! Michelle’s extra special cake for a wonderfully special day. Made by JakeyBakeyCakey

National Cake Day

Above Photo “This was my ‘proudest’ cake – for a wedding in the magnificent York Minster “- By the extremely talented Fiona Edden from Feendish Delights – Fabulous addition to our National Cake Day Shares!


“If you ask which is my favourite – this giant burger cake for my son birthday is the best ever because it make him really surprised and happy. All he wanted was a normal burger, but i made this!” by Raja Halida Raja Shahdan – National Cake Day should bring Joy & Happiness and this picture certainly sums those feelings up!! Now that’s what cake is all about!


Izzy’s Cakes favourite ever cake is this gorgeous looking Peter Rabbit Cake! Stuuning!


“Hello, sharing my Mothers cake, a mix of matching cupcakes and larger cake with lace. Family cakes are just as important and I love to add my own personal touch and love into them.” by Ann from Madiapple Cakes – Family Cakes are always extra special and this one is particularly beautiful!


The above cake was made by Maries Bakehouse  we asked her why this was her favourite cake… “This was the Up House I made for a wedding last year. Battled in very hot summer weather with buttercream and ganache that wouldn’t set, but enjoyed every single minute of making this one” – Marie. Bakers everywhere have gone through hell & high water to create their fantastic cakes and nothing holds them back! Well done Marie!


Cakesakimbo’s favourite cake is this amazing Alice In Wonderland Cake. Here’s some background by Andy… “I made this cake in September, it was my first tiered cake, it came second in our local cake decorating competition and I just love it” This is just amazing for a first ever stacked cake! Wicked cake to share on National Cake Day!


Wow a fantastic mythical unicorn cake by Cakin’ Faerie – Cake Design and Decoration – “My fave cake has to be Emily’s Unicorn from earlier this year – totally out of my comfort zone and first cake coloured using only the airbrush” – Suzanne Readman from Cakin’ Faerie. I just adore the airbrushed effect it gives such a realistic finish to cakes! Amazing!


National Cake Day isn’t just about pretty, girly cakes it’s about appreciating the sheer talent and time put in to each individual cake and my goodness this gory, zombie cake sure has that!! Here’s what Zoe had to say about her favourite cake…. ” This is my favourite so far! He stood about a foot and half tall. There’s so much detail to this cake like a missing piece of skull with visible brains, shredded finger nails on the severed hands, popped out eyeball to list only a few but you have to check out the close up photos on my page! I had way too much fun but in order to get the details accurate my internet history looks REALLY dodgy!!” – Posted by Zoe Wynne at The Cake Junction – Hahaha I bet Zoe… now that’s one hell of a cake!

We’ve included the links to all these very talented artists on the posts so if you fancy seeing more of their work, pop by their Facebook pages.

Thanks for all the fabulous shares! We love seeing your work and seeing what you use our cake decorating products to create!

Happy National Cake Day lovelies xxx




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